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Why install a retrofit elevator with KONE?


A retrofit elevator increases the value of your property, makes your building more attractive to potential buyers and tenants, and improves accessibility.


An elevator makes it easier for people to move safely around your building, allowing older residents to live at home for longer, and making access to upper floors easier for everyone.


An experienced partner, who can deliver a well-prepared plan, is a smart choice. Have your new elevator installed hassle-free, on-time and on budget. After testing and handover, we can recommend you the right services to match your need.


Installing a new elevator is in fact less hassle than many other renovation projects. We carry out thousands of retrofit elevator installations around the world every year – quickly, smoothly, and with minimum disturbance to tenants and visitors. As each case is unique, we can recommend the most suitable solution to match the building architecture and customer's need of usage.

KONE retrofit elevators

ProductDescriptionSpeedMax. travelMax. load
Max. personsMax. elevators in group
KONE MonoSpace? 500Machine room-less elevator for full replacement projects in low and mid-rise residential and commercial buildings1.75 m/s
70 m
1150 kg
Up to 15
KONE ProSpace?Space-efficient elevator solution for residential buildings without an elevator0.6 m/s
30 m
675 kg
Up to 9

Installing a retrofit elevator – a step-by-step guide

We’ll plan and coordinate the entire installation process, and a dedicated project manager will make sure that everything is completed on time and on budget.


First you should gather information about suitable solutions for your building, as well as permits and subsidies, and make a rough cost calculation. We can help you with this.


Next you should consider how the project will be financed, how much might be covered by subsidies, and how the costs will be shared among residents.


We’ll determine the installation location, create the architectural and engineering designs for the shaft, design the elevator interior, and make sure that all relevant permits have been processed.


This stage covers site preparations, shaft and elevator installation, and final cleanup. Before we hand over your elevator, we’ll carry out a full safety and performance inspection.


Our preventive maintenance service keeps your elevator running reliably for its entire lifespan. If problems do occur, our skilled local technicians will get the elevator up and running again as quickly as possible.

The right elevator for your building - let's make it happen!

Finding the right place for your elevator

We can install an elevator in almost any building. The size and shape of your stairwell will determine whether the elevator will be installed inside or outside.
Installation options:

  • Inside the stairwell with the stairs on either side
  • In the middle of the staircase
  • Partly replacing the staircase, which is extended outside the building
  • In a pre-assembled shaft on an exterior wall. Because the shaft is pre-assembled then lifted into place, this can save time and money.

Choosing a design

We can create a solution that matches the interior design and architecture of any building. You can choose a shaft material that matches both your building’s interior and the car wall and floor materials.

Arranging finance

Many European countries provide subsidies to cover as much as 60–70% of the total cost of installing an elevator. Typically, the residents’ association takes a loan and finances the repayments through the monthly service fee. Residents then decide how to share the costs. We are ready to give you advice and provide you a preliminary budget, just contact us for support.